Frequently Asked Questions



Do you have a monthly / yearly subscription ?

Both are possible : the choice is yours, if you pay per year you save about 2 months and get some other benefits (check the pricing page)

Can we pay by administrative order?

Yes, this is possible starting with the annual Business version only because it involves manual processing on our side. Contact us via the contact form if you wish to do this

Is it possible to unsubscribe whenever you want?

Yes, Legiscope was designed to be used with the minimum of constraints. You can subscribe/unsubscribe whenever you want

How do I unsubscribe?

Go to 'My Account', then click on your subscription options, you will find a link to stop your subscription

Can I change from an annual subscription to a monthly payment?

Yes you can change your subscription formula easily; if you pay for the year, the change will be effective after the end of the annual subscription.

Can we change our type of subscription (Standard / Business / Premium)?

Yes you can upgrade / downgrade as you wish, within the limits defined by each type of account

Billing and invoicing

How do you apply VAT? Is my VAT rate available?

In Europe, Legiscope is an electronic service, so the application of VAT is based on the user's country of residence. If your company is based in France for example, the French VAT rate is applied at the time of payment. If you have a VAT number, you can indicate it at the time of payment; this will be validated on the servers of the European Union, and if it is valid, the service will be delivered without VAT ; in that case it will be up to you to self-liquidate the VAT. This mention will also be added to your invoice, with your VAT number. If you are in a specific situation, for example your specific VAT rate is not referenced, please contact us so that we can add it if necessary

How do I access my invoices?

In the My account section, you have all your subscription options as well as your invoices


Is Legiscope secure?

Yes, IT security is at the heart of our daily work on the platform. From DevSecOps processes, through the implementation of technical security measures (WAF, OWASP top 10...) we were working regularly on these matters who have high priority for us. Check the security page for more details

Can I export my ROPA?

Yes, you can export the entire registry, but only in the annual version. The export is not available in the monthly versions

Is it possible to manage several administrative entities?

You can manage as many organizations as you wish with Legiscope depending on your subscription options

Within the same entity, is it possible to delegate responsibility to different people?

Yes, Legiscope is multi-user, you can add as many users as you want and then share the compliance tasks between them!