GDPR compliance
made simple

Legiscope helps you automate your GDPR compliance and reduce risks

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Automate your GDPR compliance

From the automatic creation of the register of processings, to the automation
of actions related to awareness and training, Legiscope works for you.
Register of processings in one click

Save yourself weeks of documentation work that creates little value for your organisation. All standard processing activities are already fully documented (HR, IT, sales, marketing, sales, etc.). Use our easily modifiable templates, and document only what's specific to your organisation

Automate GDPR training and awareness!

Internal training and awareness represents 15% of the compliance work to be carried out. Legiscope integrates countless hours of GDPR awareness and training your organisation needs

In accordance with the recommendations of control authorities

Standard processing activities are pre-documented in accordance with the recommendations of the french CNIL in regard to deadlines, purposes, recipients... As well as ITSEC recommandations

Immediate access to the training you need

Legiscope handles GDPR training for your employees, from the DPO
to awareness raising for privacy and GDPR compliance
DPO training

Legiscope give you access to training material for the DPO, to grow the necessary skills to handle compliance work

Awareness raising

Automate the awareness raising trainings of your internal staff and ensure your organization is regularly growing skills in regard to GDPR compliance

Advanced training

Legiscope includes advanced practical training to enhance the GDPR compliance of your organization.

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The tools you need to implement GDPR compliance

Deploy audits, implement ready-made assessements,
everything is done to simplify your compliance tasks and speed your processes
Compliance audits : click and deploy !

Legiscope helps you audit your compliance easily

The management of the 3 mandatory records

Legiscope includes the management of all 3 mandatory records : processing, processor, data breaches

Ready made processes

Implement ready-made procecsses to ensure the compliance of your organization and ensure accountability

Hosted in the cloud

Secure cloud hosting. You don't have to worry about updates or server provisioning, all done for you !

Created for...

Privacy aware organizations

Small and medium companies

Import standard processing activities, use our compliance tools and lower your compliance risks quickly and efficiently

Consultants / DPO

Guide your customers through GDPR compliance processes and execute compliance actions on their behalf

Software editors

Quickly ensure the GDPR compliance of your solutions and increase your sales by meeting enterprise privacy requirements

Large businesses

Implement compliance processes across all your organizations simply and efficiently.