Simple. Operational.

Manage your compliance work

Legiscope's dashboard allows you to follow your compliance level in real time
so you know your risks and what you need to do next
GDPR compliance metrics

Legiscope shows you precise metrics to assess your level of GDPR compliance

You compliance actions, step by step

Track the status of ongoing compliance actions.


Legiscope allows you to automate most of the documentation of the records of processing
So you don't have to spend weeks writing documentation for standard processing activities
Standard ROPA in just one click

Legiscope allows you to create a standard register of processing in less than a minute flat. This allows you to avoid about 20 days writing extensive documentation on average

Import standard processing in one click

Legicope has pre-documented processing activities that covers most activities of organizations: HR, training, recruitment, sales, online activities, social networks...

Train your teams

Legiscope allows you to automate the training of your staff
from DPO training, to awareness about GDPR and privacy regulations
Prepare your DPO's certification

Legiscope includes most of the e-learning necessary to prepare for the certification of your DPO (note that the certification must be passed through a third-party)

Expert training

The integrated training cover all important aspects of the GDPR so your team can implement compliance actions and reduce your organization's risks

Ready-made awareness

Use our pre-prepared trainings to grow awareness about privacy risks

Regular support

Unsure what to do next to reduce your compliance risks ?
Talk to our experts !
Monthly Q/A sessions

Stay updated about the evolution of the GDPR and clarify current obligations

One-to-one sessions

You have questions related to Legiscope or more generally GDPR compliance ? Get an appointement with our experts


Mandatory records? Included!

Import standard processings, or write your own processing activities in the records of processing (ROPA),
note personal data breaches, and indicate processor activities in the records, all included !
Management of the Records Of Processing Activities (ROPA)

Legiscope handles the controller records of processing activities in compliance with the GDPR requirements (art. 30.1), as well as the documentation associated with the processing

Records of processor's activities

Legiscope handles the records of processor's activities in accordance with article 30.2

Records of personal data breache

Document all personal data breaches in Legiscope in compliance with article 33


Audit your compliance

Legiscope allows you to easily audit your compliance using pre-established processes
Choose your level of compliance, all you have to do is run
Graduated Audits

Legiscope gives you access to a series of audits templates you can deploy according to your own risks

Audit your processors

Legiscope provides you with audit processes for your processors in order to ensure compliance with article 28 of the GDPR

Audit the IT security of your processing activity

Legiscope includes IT security audit in accordance with the recommendations of the french control authority (CNIL)